Docendo discimus - or translated "Learning by teaching" - is the slogan under which Sono4You Vienna hosted the 1st Vienna Sono Skill Sessions from March 10th to March 12th, inviting 46 student ultrasound tutors from various Sono4you initiatives across Europe including Graz, Hamburg, Mannheim, Milano, Salzburg and Zürich, as well as student tutors from another student sonography initiative based in Leipzig.

The event was inaugurated by Prof. Peter Pokieser of the Teaching Center of the Medical university of Vienna. After his delightful talk about the “Importance of ultrasound education” and an address of welcome by Philipp Rösslhuemer, representing the local organising committee, the 1st Vienna SonoSkillSessions were declared open.

The VSSS were designed to be an introductory course for the sonography subspecialities „head and neck“, „echocardiography“, „musculoskelettal ultrasound and neurosonography“ as well as „advanced abdominal ultrasound“ which Sono4You offers as part of its function as a free student ultrasound education provider. The participants were meant to get an understanding of the anatomy concerned and of ways to teach that anatomy in an effective and didactically refined manner.

The 14.5 hours of lessons were almost exclusively comprised of hands-on sessions in order to allow the participants to delve into their respective topics as much as possible. The participants were split up in groups of four and joined by one of the 16 collegiate as well as medical tutors of Sono4You Vienna. Focus was also put on „how to design a student ultrasound course properly“.

The 1. Vienna SonoSkillSessions 2017 were not solely a student peer-to-peer teaching event, since the tutorial team was supported by a faculty of 8 doctors, all of whom were former Sono4You Vienna tutors. They held high-yield lectures on their topics of interest and also taught during the hands-on sessions.

No such weekend can do without a get-together, since the VSSS were also about tying the different Sono4You initiatives closer together. To the taste of the savory dishes of the well known Viennese restaurant „Fromme Helene“ plans for future meetings were discussed and friendships made.

The 1. VSSS would have had a much smaller extent if Sono4You Vienna did not have the support of the following institutions and companies:

Much obliged!

Also many thanks to both collegiate and medical tutors:

Désirée Bajons, Anna Cvrtak, Adrian Engel, Jan Engel, Anita Lesjak, Hannah Puhr, Linda Pummer, Clemens Reifeltshammer, Philipp Rösslhuemer, Philipp Stelzer, Elisabeth Stadler

Dr. Christina Binder, Dr. Stefan Dobrovolny, Dr. Gregor Dovjak, Dr. Andreas Kerschbaumer, Dr. Alexander Sachs, Dr. Martin Zalaudek

As well as many thanks to all participants for their dedication!

This should not have been the last meeting of this kind. All of our participants as well as the tutors of Sono4You Vienna are looking forward to next year when another Sono4You initiative will host the 2nd SonoSkillSessions.